Wednesday, May 21, 2014

THROWBACK CAP: Announcing the Winners...


      from Orlando, Florida,
     Lisa Powell,
      and her daughters
Stephanie and  Courtney!

Scott: Oh my God  Dad, I can’t believe we pulled it off.  They have no clue we’re not girls!
Leonard: Shhh, wrong pronoun.  Not so loud!  I don’t think the pageant officials would stand for a dad and his sons in dresses.
Christopher:   I’m the prettiest 7-year old girl in the world, and I have the prettiest mommy and big sister!
Lisa:  That’s right, my darling.  And one day, three handsome princes will make us their beautiful princesses!
Stephanie: I think I found mine, his name is Jordan, he was staying at the hotel we’re at.  He has eyes to die for!
Lisa: Sweetie, I met his dad -  he’s very handsome, nice, and very well off.  They invited the three of us to dinner after the show. 
Stephanie: Oh Mom, you’re the best!  Looks like we’re going double dating!  Along with the prettiest 7-year old girl in the world! (grins)
Courtney: Mommy, I want a boyfriend too, just like you and Steph! 
Lisa:  One day soon,  baby girl, you’ll have lots of boys wanting to take you out on dates and wanting to kiss you!
Courtney: Is kissing boys lots of fun?
Step and Lisa: YES!!! Giggling…

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