Friday, May 30, 2014

The Real(ity) Deal (Meg + Cyndi with the down low on the download!)

The Real(ity) Deal
From the notes of Dr. Colin Foster
World renowned expert on virtual immersion studies, following the experiment conducted by himself and his assistant and son, Marcus Foster, on the regression of reality with re-characterization of self image and identity…

Having been disconnected from real time, I felt exhausted having realized the equivalent of five days in “the act” of my virtual character.  The computer had been programmed to craft a second self with similarity to my normal role but with certain stark differences – notably in this case, a female role.  

 I was “cast” as Cynthia – essentially the sister of Colin.  Cyndi was every bit as erudite as I was but was more prone to female emotions and whims.  I found myself with a sense of pride as I examined my body I imagined.  Somehow the sensation of applying and wearing makeup and clothes
- silky, sexy clothes became a source of pleasure.  So was interacting with the program’s male suitors.  

 I was virtually kissed, fondled, and on night four, part of a virtual lovemaking session with “Paul”, my boyfriend.   Coming as a woman felt so real!  I passed out from the pleasure – to be awoken but another gorgeous blonde who seemed VERY familiar.    

“Hello MOM – and welcome to our new reality!” cooed my son - my daughter Meghan that is.   

The program had the same intent for both Meg & I – to get us hooked on having perfect fantasy bodies and the perks of being beautiful.  We were trapped in this cycle of pleasure!

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