Monday, May 26, 2014

Olivia + Stella: A Journey, Together (Not a phase, but life on their terms)

Olivia & Stella: A Journey, Together
STEVE:  Well, we’ve always looked forward to coming to the resort and sunning ourselves.  Never thought it would include us having tan lines.

OWEN: Well, I know that you never thought that your son, your masculine pride and joy, was a girl on the inside.  I just had to declare my intent to be a girl, and your daughter, and life my life the way I needed to life. 

STEVE: I hated it at first – I thought you were going through a phase – then you swore you’d run away if I didn’t come to grips with what you were feeling.

OLIVIA: And to your credit – you listened to me.  And then I dared you…

STELLA: You dared me to walk a mile in your shoes!  Flats, sandals, and heels!  Lingerie, dresses, and this bikini! That week long bet turned into a year of personal self-discovery!  And I realize now that, as a father, I could have been a better parent.  Maybe as your mother, I… I can have that second chance!      

OLIVIA: Mom! (sniff)  Good thing we’re wearing shades of else everyone would see us crying like little girls!  You’ve been nothing but AMAZING as a woman, and dammit… I love your new boobs!  The surgeon did a great job!

STELLA: I love them, honey… and so does Bob, he can’t stop touching them!

OLIVIA: Can I borrow them for tonight?  I want to drive Andy crazy when I press myself close to him and kiss.  (giggle)  Oh look, there he is now. (waves)

STELLA: Hey lean close in to me, hon, let him take a mother-daughter picture.  And by the way, I think I can “convince” my executive boyfriend to buy his girlfriend’s daughter her own breasts augmentation.  Now smile for Andy!


Living as Stephanie now said...

another happy family and great story

Living as Stephanie now said...

I just wanted to thank you for adding 'reluctant press 'to your site... already placed an order

Annabelle Raven said...

Thanks Stephanie :)