Sunday, May 18, 2014

Getting To Know US (Corrine's love bonds a family)

Getting To Know US

Corrine Davis had left an envelope for her husband and an envelope for her son, to be opened after her passing…”

“Phillip, you should introduce yourself to  Mary,”  her note read, with the stylish  photo of the comely blonde posing.
“Isn’t Phoebe just the prettiest thing?” Corrine’s note to Mitch queried.  The pose of this young beauty  was eerily similar, among other traits… 

“This is you?” father and son had to ask each other.  

For  years, Corrine had tried to find a way to unite her favorite two people in their mutual of feminine finery.  Right after her diagnosis foretold her ending, she arranged for each of them to visit a friend who brought out the woman inside each of them.  Corrine’s friends, in on the charade, joined the cross-dressed friend and their benefactor on a “girls weekend,” complete with a shopping blitz, shows, nights out at the club, and the photographic evidence she would spring upon them this day.

It wasn’t that Mitch and Phillip felt a distance between them – but Corrine knew that without her around, their relationship could be at risk – also, who better to bring out to happy girls inside them – than each other, side-by-side, as a family?

Naturally, it worked like a charm.

A year later, Phoebe and Mary returned, alone but together, to the resort town where they made a special visit to where the glamour artists had made them over and had captured their smiles before.

“Mom, this picture’s best yet,” Phoebe gushed as she and Mary leaned forward to showcase their emerging bosoms.  

Look at these two hotties,” Mary grinned. “I can’t wait to show these off.”    

“The pictures, or our cleavage?” Phoebe cooed, making the new mother and daughter giggle.  They had each met a handsome tourist on the trip - men who become their lovers, and the ones to whom they willingly gave their soft bodies to.

Corrine would most definitely approve!

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Living as Stephanie now said...

what a wonderful story.... what a incredible woman,,,wife/mother in her time of death. I know the father/son pair now mother/daughter are truly happy!