Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Get The Picture, MOM? (Teresa is "framed" by her new daughters)

Get The Picture, MOM?

“Daniel!  Michael!  Why in the hell would you put this picture out, for my boss John to see?” yelled Thomas Harper.  John held the picture of himself and his sons  - dressed as three gorgeous blondes.  On a dare, the family had gone to the ladies’ salon for some gag makeovers.

“Now Dad, or should I say… MOM, we had such a good time posing for this picture,”  Daniel said with a grin.

“And we already sent John the outtakes, Mom.  He has the hots for you now!  And we agreed that if we can get you back to dressing as your gorgeous self, John will bring his buff nephews to take out my cute sister and myself!” added Michael. 

Turns out Thomas had a secret crush on John, and he and his kids went back into the bedroom to change.  At 7 PM, now wearing those low-cut black dresses they wore in the photo, Teresa and her daughters Donna and Megan greeted their three guests with hugs and kisses!

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