Wednesday, May 7, 2014

BOTTOMS UP! (starring Darlene + Nikki)

Bottoms Up!!
Dennis: C’mon, son, drink up!  It will help calm those nerves – look I know that you are not used to these girlish feelings…

Noah: I don’t know, Dad.  I mean, just coz you enjoy being a tranny, doesn’t mean I’m gonna.  I don’t to lose my real identity…

Darlene:  But you admitted to me that you were curious about dressing as a pretty girl and I think you’re really cute.  Martin does to, which is why he’s invited his nephew to join us tonight.   Drink up!

Nikki:  Oooh, this feels good.  I feel a tingling… my little cock is so hard…

Darlene:  And it feels incredible against your silky panties, right sweetie?  Admit it, we were meant to be sissies, wanting real men with real cocks to make us their little whores.   Mommy knows what’s best!

Nikki:  You’re such an awesome, slut, Mom!  I can’t wait for our dates to fuck our “pussies” and make us scream and moan!

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