Friday, May 30, 2014

The Real(ity) Deal (Meg + Cyndi with the down low on the download!)

The Real(ity) Deal
From the notes of Dr. Colin Foster
World renowned expert on virtual immersion studies, following the experiment conducted by himself and his assistant and son, Marcus Foster, on the regression of reality with re-characterization of self image and identity…

Having been disconnected from real time, I felt exhausted having realized the equivalent of five days in “the act” of my virtual character.  The computer had been programmed to craft a second self with similarity to my normal role but with certain stark differences – notably in this case, a female role.  

 I was “cast” as Cynthia – essentially the sister of Colin.  Cyndi was every bit as erudite as I was but was more prone to female emotions and whims.  I found myself with a sense of pride as I examined my body I imagined.  Somehow the sensation of applying and wearing makeup and clothes
- silky, sexy clothes became a source of pleasure.  So was interacting with the program’s male suitors.  

 I was virtually kissed, fondled, and on night four, part of a virtual lovemaking session with “Paul”, my boyfriend.   Coming as a woman felt so real!  I passed out from the pleasure – to be awoken but another gorgeous blonde who seemed VERY familiar.    

“Hello MOM – and welcome to our new reality!” cooed my son - my daughter Meghan that is.   

The program had the same intent for both Meg & I – to get us hooked on having perfect fantasy bodies and the perks of being beautiful.  We were trapped in this cycle of pleasure!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

THROWBACK CAP: The Old Ballgame

The Old Ballgame
Levon Shaw played minor league  for five years before coming home to raise his sons Paul and Reggie after he divorced his wife. Both boys loved the game as much as he did, but down deep, Levon knew his sons were no more suited to play in the majors then he was.  He also knew that, like him, they were sissies at heart.  He sat them down one day and laid it on the line.   

“Do you want the fame, the riches, the glory of being in the game?  Well, you have to learn a new position – and I’m going to be right there with you.”  Nervously, Paul & Reggie accepted their father’s mad plans for success.

2 years later – two stunning sisters – 20 year old Priscilla and 19 year old Rebecca – along with their gorgeous mother Leticia (44) – sat down at the Oakland A’s stadium to cheer on their favorite ballclub.  Their slinky bodies and come-hither smiles drew attention from the Oakland ballplayers. 

An usher gave a message to Tish and her girls to come to an after-game bash at the local hotspot.  Her daughters ended up on the arms of two of the sluggers, while Mama was hooking up with the hitting coach!  Their “bats” were hidden behind their silken panties.  The Shaw family had found success in the MLB clubhouse-  as 3 sexy b-ball T-WAGs!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Olivia + Stella: A Journey, Together (Not a phase, but life on their terms)

Olivia & Stella: A Journey, Together
STEVE:  Well, we’ve always looked forward to coming to the resort and sunning ourselves.  Never thought it would include us having tan lines.

OWEN: Well, I know that you never thought that your son, your masculine pride and joy, was a girl on the inside.  I just had to declare my intent to be a girl, and your daughter, and life my life the way I needed to life. 

STEVE: I hated it at first – I thought you were going through a phase – then you swore you’d run away if I didn’t come to grips with what you were feeling.

OLIVIA: And to your credit – you listened to me.  And then I dared you…

STELLA: You dared me to walk a mile in your shoes!  Flats, sandals, and heels!  Lingerie, dresses, and this bikini! That week long bet turned into a year of personal self-discovery!  And I realize now that, as a father, I could have been a better parent.  Maybe as your mother, I… I can have that second chance!      

OLIVIA: Mom! (sniff)  Good thing we’re wearing shades of else everyone would see us crying like little girls!  You’ve been nothing but AMAZING as a woman, and dammit… I love your new boobs!  The surgeon did a great job!

STELLA: I love them, honey… and so does Bob, he can’t stop touching them!

OLIVIA: Can I borrow them for tonight?  I want to drive Andy crazy when I press myself close to him and kiss.  (giggle)  Oh look, there he is now. (waves)

STELLA: Hey lean close in to me, hon, let him take a mother-daughter picture.  And by the way, I think I can “convince” my executive boyfriend to buy his girlfriend’s daughter her own breasts augmentation.  Now smile for Andy!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Gifts from Lourdes (Mama shares her beauty with her new daughters)

The Gifts from Lourdes
“You see, a piece of jewelry isn’t important because of how much  it is worth, my sons,” explained Luis Cruz.  “It is worth more because it was a gift from my new husband.  He allowed me to become the woman I truly wanted to be – Lourdes – when he pledged to spend his life with me.  He knows of my past,  and that I am a father to you, the treasures of my life.”

“Momma, that story is as beautiful as the lady you have become,” sighed Alberto, as he gazed at the 14 carat diamond.  “And for you to give me andmy brothers – sisters that is – each a ring to show your love for us, well, if this is what being a girl is like, I want to be a girl – your daughter -  for the rest of my life.  Benito, Miguel, let’s stay girls and be sisters too!”
 “I love being a pretty girl, and I love this ring, Momma,” answered Benito as beheld his hand. 

“Thank you Momma,” whispered the youngest, Miguel, as he hugged Lourdes.  

 As all three young ladies – Annalisa, Bella, and Miranda - embraced each other and their beloved mother, their role model, Lourdes’s new husband, Carlos, stood across the studio watching his new wife and stepdaughters with immense pride.   

As the years rolled on, Carlos happily watched each girl developed her own sense of feminine pride while maturing.  Like his Lourdes, each Cruz sister would grow to be a stunning Latina  beauty , who grow to be like their mother – a proud, sensual woman with a good man in their eternal thrall.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

We're NEVER Going Back (but Kendra + Gloria love to "go down"!)

We’re NEVER Going Back!
 Kevin Lange loved his dad, and understood the gravity of the situation – he and Garry had both witnessed that terrorist attack, and the insurgent forces would come looking for the boy and his father – so the HSA had little choice in disguising them while keeping the family together.

Kevin just wasn’t ready to throw away eighteen years of macho boyhood -
 or watch his hero, his tough guy Dad – so the same.  So it horrified him to watch Garry and him – sculptured and styled as two pretty blonde faux females – have to mince and wiggle around with their new pert bottoms.  And what the –
Garry pulled his lips of the young FBI agent’s impressive wang, licked her lips seductively, turned and smiled to the babe who was her son.

“Because I so enjoy having a shot of cum in the morning, darling,” the MILFtastic shemale cooed.  “And please,  I’m Gloria now, and you know you should be calling me Mom or Mother.  We’re girls now, sweetie, and girls suck cock, and then we let horny guy stick those cocks inside of us, and we scream like whores.  Look, this took a lot for me to accept as well, after so long as a man… but I love acting out as a hot bitch, and it tastes and feels so good.  We’ve got so much estrogen in us now, we can’t help but feel this slutty.   Kendra, you must listen to your body now – and to Mommy.  Get on your knees and…  enjoy.  Feed her your beast John!”

As her painted lips accepted its first flesh, Kendra shook with fear – but by the time that John came and she  swallowed, she  shook from her first girly orgasm.  John’s partner then accompanied the three of them upstairs, where the foursome fucked for hours.  

 “Mom , we’re girls now, and we’re never going back,” whispered a happy Kendra to an equally sated Gloria.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

THROWBACK CAP: Announcing the Winners...


      from Orlando, Florida,
     Lisa Powell,
      and her daughters
Stephanie and  Courtney!

Scott: Oh my God  Dad, I can’t believe we pulled it off.  They have no clue we’re not girls!
Leonard: Shhh, wrong pronoun.  Not so loud!  I don’t think the pageant officials would stand for a dad and his sons in dresses.
Christopher:   I’m the prettiest 7-year old girl in the world, and I have the prettiest mommy and big sister!
Lisa:  That’s right, my darling.  And one day, three handsome princes will make us their beautiful princesses!
Stephanie: I think I found mine, his name is Jordan, he was staying at the hotel we’re at.  He has eyes to die for!
Lisa: Sweetie, I met his dad -  he’s very handsome, nice, and very well off.  They invited the three of us to dinner after the show. 
Stephanie: Oh Mom, you’re the best!  Looks like we’re going double dating!  Along with the prettiest 7-year old girl in the world! (grins)
Courtney: Mommy, I want a boyfriend too, just like you and Steph! 
Lisa:  One day soon,  baby girl, you’ll have lots of boys wanting to take you out on dates and wanting to kiss you!
Courtney: Is kissing boys lots of fun?
Step and Lisa: YES!!! Giggling…

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Getting To Know US (Corrine's love bonds a family)

Getting To Know US

Corrine Davis had left an envelope for her husband and an envelope for her son, to be opened after her passing…”

“Phillip, you should introduce yourself to  Mary,”  her note read, with the stylish  photo of the comely blonde posing.
“Isn’t Phoebe just the prettiest thing?” Corrine’s note to Mitch queried.  The pose of this young beauty  was eerily similar, among other traits… 

“This is you?” father and son had to ask each other.  

For  years, Corrine had tried to find a way to unite her favorite two people in their mutual of feminine finery.  Right after her diagnosis foretold her ending, she arranged for each of them to visit a friend who brought out the woman inside each of them.  Corrine’s friends, in on the charade, joined the cross-dressed friend and their benefactor on a “girls weekend,” complete with a shopping blitz, shows, nights out at the club, and the photographic evidence she would spring upon them this day.

It wasn’t that Mitch and Phillip felt a distance between them – but Corrine knew that without her around, their relationship could be at risk – also, who better to bring out to happy girls inside them – than each other, side-by-side, as a family?

Naturally, it worked like a charm.

A year later, Phoebe and Mary returned, alone but together, to the resort town where they made a special visit to where the glamour artists had made them over and had captured their smiles before.

“Mom, this picture’s best yet,” Phoebe gushed as she and Mary leaned forward to showcase their emerging bosoms.  

Look at these two hotties,” Mary grinned. “I can’t wait to show these off.”    

“The pictures, or our cleavage?” Phoebe cooed, making the new mother and daughter giggle.  They had each met a handsome tourist on the trip - men who become their lovers, and the ones to whom they willingly gave their soft bodies to.

Corrine would most definitely approve!

SWEETER THAN 16 *Bikini Bodiez* Regional And the Winner is...

Sweeter than 16
Bikini Bodiez Regional
and the winner is...


  Bikini Bodiez   PCT
1 Aunt Lisa & Cousin Katie 11 50.00%
2 Our Fabulous Summer 10 45.45%
3 A Very Hot Summer 9 40.91%
4 Bonding In Bikinis 8 36.36%
5 The Budget Vacation 8 36.36%
6 Mom is The Coolest 7 31.82%
7 Pilot Light 7 31.82%
8 Pussy Power 7 31.82%
9 Christmas in Paradise 6 27.27%
10 Dear Stella 6 27.27%
11 Proof That Crime 6 27.27%
12 Something Inside Us 6 27.27%
13 The Winning Team 6 27.27%
14 The Perfect View 4 18.18%
15 The Talk pts 1 & 2 4 18.18%
16 Lifeguard 3 13.64%
 Total Voters22 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

SWEETER THAN 16 update: Everyone loves Bikinis! :)

Wow - currently a three way tie for 1st...
A second trio one vote shy in 2nd...
and FIVE more tied for 3rd...

I guess you all love a family in bikinis!

Thanks for participating in this little set of polls on my prior work.  I have plans to return to more full time new posts in the coming weeks :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Get The Picture, MOM? (Teresa is "framed" by her new daughters)

Get The Picture, MOM?

“Daniel!  Michael!  Why in the hell would you put this picture out, for my boss John to see?” yelled Thomas Harper.  John held the picture of himself and his sons  - dressed as three gorgeous blondes.  On a dare, the family had gone to the ladies’ salon for some gag makeovers.

“Now Dad, or should I say… MOM, we had such a good time posing for this picture,”  Daniel said with a grin.

“And we already sent John the outtakes, Mom.  He has the hots for you now!  And we agreed that if we can get you back to dressing as your gorgeous self, John will bring his buff nephews to take out my cute sister and myself!” added Michael. 

Turns out Thomas had a secret crush on John, and he and his kids went back into the bedroom to change.  At 7 PM, now wearing those low-cut black dresses they wore in the photo, Teresa and her daughters Donna and Megan greeted their three guests with hugs and kisses!