Sunday, April 27, 2014

SURVIVAL INSTINCT ( The future is wild and passionate for two new sisters)

AD 2758
After the Last Great War, freedom fighting brother Alex & Nick Callas were thought to be dead after the sun-bomb exploded, but because they were wear suits designed to keep bio-agents from destroying their immune system, it actually triggered a change within them a chromosomal level.  Now they were the only surviving humans in a territory overrun by mutants.  But they had mutated as well…

“Are those humans headed this way, Ann?  We haven’t seen any of our kind in about eight months.”
“I believe so, Nina.  Looks like four men.  Oh sister, after our bodies changed, we haven’t any outlet for our new desires – until now.   I’m… so aroused!”

“Look, they may really need our help.  Let’s tend to their wounds first.  They likely have been in the wilderness for months -  without female company!  Get ready, my dear sister!”

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