Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MOTB: Go Big or Go Home! (a treat for all you poll voters)

MOTB Tales: Go Big or Go Home!

“That’s an interesting choice of wedding gown,” muttered Nicholas Harper to his father, who was getting married for the second time – only this time, as a bride.  Charles Harper had left his wife and only son to be the woman she really was inside.  Constance so overjoyed at the thought of being Barry’s wife, and of living out her lifelong fantasy in a gorgeous white gown.  This same gown showed off Connie’s boobs –  hormones had only gone so far, and then Barry bought her a couple of cup sizes larger.

“Well, that’s my man – go big or go home,” Connie softly snickered to her child.  “Seriously, I feel like such… such a diva with these!”  That made both Harpers giggle.  Then with a gleam in her painted eyes, Connie asked Nick, “So tell, me Natalie, would you like your own set of breast implants?  Think about it as a graduation gift.  I mean you got that scholarship to Vassar!”

The son who looked – and felt – like Connie’s new daughter blushed and couldn’t look her parent in the eye.  Only a year ago, Nick ran away from Helen, who as usual was paying him no mind.  Connie was willing to let her son stay with her but, she insisted on being called Mom “because I know I can do a better job than she can”, and she made sure her word was law.  

That October, when Nick got a D in history, Connie introduced Nattie to the world at Barry’s brother’s Halloween party.  Joan of Arc and Amelia Earhart, respectively.  The rowdy lad became a lovely young lady, and her dad-to-mom was her idol and BFF.   By June, she was thrilled to be Connie’s bridesmaid.

“Mike (her escort that day) is so tall, and has such big muscles,” Nattie cooed to Connie.  “Go big or go home, young lady,” the proud mother, new wife, and sexy role model whispered to dearest daughter and feminine protégé…

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