Saturday, April 19, 2014

ANNETTE'S SOFT SELL (Making Sara feel comfortably feminine)

Annette's Soft Sell

I was pissed.  I didn't begrudge that my dad, Arnold Chisholm, wanted to change his – her sex.  But why, when she went out shopping for the first time as Annette, she insisted that I accompany her  - and then dress me up?  I felt like such a…. SISSY!
Awww… look at us… mother/daughter lookalikes!,” she gushed as I rolled my eyes. 

  “Look, Simon, I know that you may find this hard to accept – but you make a very pretty young lady.  Listen, why don’t you consider staying in Sara mode for a little longer?  I really enjoy having a daughter to shop with, to talk about things, you know… girl stuff.”
“Mom, I don’t know… I mean... you think I’m pretty?” 
“You’re gorgeous honey!  My Stan said if he didn’t have the hots for me, he’d ask you out.  Say, he wants to set up his protégé Jack with you.  That’s why were here shopping for just the right dress.  Let’s find you one.”

Two weeks later, we came back to the mall to find something sexy at Victoria’s Secret for each of us.  Spending the night with Jack opened my eyes, and soon – my heart.  Mom and I really enjoy talking about our love lives with each other.  I guess it’s true; mother does know best!

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