Wednesday, April 30, 2014

4 Way Tie?? VOTE NOW and choose your favorite!

Hi folks.  The vote count is way down.  Not sure if there is confusion or lack of interest.  Since we have had as many as 38 voters on week, to only have seven voters bother - well, I'm a little concerned...

As of Wednesday night we do have a four way tie at 3 votes apiece...
"Together Again for the First Time"
"A Better Idea"
"Told Ya!"
"Wedding on All Hallows Eve"

So make your vote count!  You can vote for any of the above or more. 
If we can get the vote count up to at least 12, I'll post another new pic. Hate to have to bribe you all :p

Annie :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MOTB: Go Big or Go Home! (a treat for all you poll voters)

MOTB Tales: Go Big or Go Home!

“That’s an interesting choice of wedding gown,” muttered Nicholas Harper to his father, who was getting married for the second time – only this time, as a bride.  Charles Harper had left his wife and only son to be the woman she really was inside.  Constance so overjoyed at the thought of being Barry’s wife, and of living out her lifelong fantasy in a gorgeous white gown.  This same gown showed off Connie’s boobs –  hormones had only gone so far, and then Barry bought her a couple of cup sizes larger.

“Well, that’s my man – go big or go home,” Connie softly snickered to her child.  “Seriously, I feel like such… such a diva with these!”  That made both Harpers giggle.  Then with a gleam in her painted eyes, Connie asked Nick, “So tell, me Natalie, would you like your own set of breast implants?  Think about it as a graduation gift.  I mean you got that scholarship to Vassar!”

The son who looked – and felt – like Connie’s new daughter blushed and couldn’t look her parent in the eye.  Only a year ago, Nick ran away from Helen, who as usual was paying him no mind.  Connie was willing to let her son stay with her but, she insisted on being called Mom “because I know I can do a better job than she can”, and she made sure her word was law.  

That October, when Nick got a D in history, Connie introduced Nattie to the world at Barry’s brother’s Halloween party.  Joan of Arc and Amelia Earhart, respectively.  The rowdy lad became a lovely young lady, and her dad-to-mom was her idol and BFF.   By June, she was thrilled to be Connie’s bridesmaid.

“Mike (her escort that day) is so tall, and has such big muscles,” Nattie cooed to Connie.  “Go big or go home, young lady,” the proud mother, new wife, and sexy role model whispered to dearest daughter and feminine protégé…

Sunday, April 27, 2014

SURVIVAL INSTINCT ( The future is wild and passionate for two new sisters)

AD 2758
After the Last Great War, freedom fighting brother Alex & Nick Callas were thought to be dead after the sun-bomb exploded, but because they were wear suits designed to keep bio-agents from destroying their immune system, it actually triggered a change within them a chromosomal level.  Now they were the only surviving humans in a territory overrun by mutants.  But they had mutated as well…

“Are those humans headed this way, Ann?  We haven’t seen any of our kind in about eight months.”
“I believe so, Nina.  Looks like four men.  Oh sister, after our bodies changed, we haven’t any outlet for our new desires – until now.   I’m… so aroused!”

“Look, they may really need our help.  Let’s tend to their wounds first.  They likely have been in the wilderness for months -  without female company!  Get ready, my dear sister!”

SWEETER THAN 16 Tournament: MOTB Regional *Voting Open THRU May 4

Sweeter than 16
Caption Tournament
MOTB  Regional
Cast your vote up and to the right!
Vote for as many caps as you like! :)
** Polls closer Sunday, May 4, 2014 **
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SWEETER THAN 16 Regional Winner (Madame Jae's) * THE MURPHY "SISTERS"*

Sweeter than 16
 Caption Tournament 
and your winner is... 
The Murphy "Sisters"

Madame Jae's PCT
1 Murphy Sisters 8 36.36%
2 Gift of a Beautiful Woman 7 31.82%
3 Mermaids 7 31.82%
4 Belle Donne Italiane 6 27.27%
5 Bikini Bonanza II 6 27.27%
6 Bikini Bonanza I 5 22.73%
7 Family of the Year 5 22.73%
8 Parental Gudiance 5 22.73%
9 Princess Camp/Team 5 22.73%
10 Woman to Woman Talk 5 22.73%
11 The Heroes 4 18.18%
12 Trust Me 4 18.18%
13 Katie's Birthday 3 13.64%
14 New Developments 3 13.64%
15 Our Uncanny Resemblance 3 13.64%
16 Beauty At Any Age 2 9.09%
Total Voters 22


Friday, April 25, 2014

Shout out to Reluctant Press! 
Please allow me to share with you my great enjoyment of quality TG Fiction :)

I have purchased many PDF versions of novelettes from several sites, but my largest collection by far is from RELUCTANT PRESS.  As a loyal customer, I have enjoyed a variety of stories - sweet and romantic all the way to nasty and fun!   The books have great illustrations of "gurls" of all types.  And YES - they have some great family fiction as well :)

I have enjoyed working with Ellen and Chrissie and I am proud to post their logo and show my love of their offerings. Please visit today!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

SWEETER THAN 16 UPDATE: Voting thru Sunday! (Madame Jae's Regional)

Sweeter than 16Caption Tournament
Currently, "The Murphy Sisters?" is the leading vote getter.  Do you feel that this caption is the best tale of Jae Juice romance and fashion?  Or do you prefer one of the other tales of MJ?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

SWEETER THAN 16 Tournament: MADAME JAE'S Regional *Voting open through April 27*

Sweeter than 16 
Caption Tournament

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**polls close on April 27, 2014**
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SWEETER THAN 16 Regional Winner! * "Sexpot Jackpot!" *

Sweeter than 16 
Caption Tournament
Sexpot Jackpot
Forever Young & Pretty Votes PCT
1 Sexpot Jackpot 6 33.33%
2 Graduation Day 5 27.78%
3 Open For Business 5 27.78%
4 You're Never Too Old 5 27.78%
5 Hot Blonde Alert! 4 22.22%
6 Out with the "Big" Girls 4 22.22%
7 The Inagural Ball 4 22.22%
8 "I just knew…" 3 16.67%
9 A Magical Summer 3 16.67%
10 The Priviledged Few 3 16.67%
11 Chloe's Birthday 2 11.11%
12 Super "Babe" Sunday 2 11.11%
13 Colonel Carter's Dress 1 5.56%
14 Meat the Family! 1 5.56%
15 Par-T-y of Three 1 5.56%
16 The Tradition Continues 0 0.00%
Total Voters 18

ANNETTE'S SOFT SELL (Making Sara feel comfortably feminine)

Annette's Soft Sell

I was pissed.  I didn't begrudge that my dad, Arnold Chisholm, wanted to change his – her sex.  But why, when she went out shopping for the first time as Annette, she insisted that I accompany her  - and then dress me up?  I felt like such a…. SISSY!
Awww… look at us… mother/daughter lookalikes!,” she gushed as I rolled my eyes. 

  “Look, Simon, I know that you may find this hard to accept – but you make a very pretty young lady.  Listen, why don’t you consider staying in Sara mode for a little longer?  I really enjoy having a daughter to shop with, to talk about things, you know… girl stuff.”
“Mom, I don’t know… I mean... you think I’m pretty?” 
“You’re gorgeous honey!  My Stan said if he didn’t have the hots for me, he’d ask you out.  Say, he wants to set up his protégé Jack with you.  That’s why were here shopping for just the right dress.  Let’s find you one.”

Two weeks later, we came back to the mall to find something sexy at Victoria’s Secret for each of us.  Spending the night with Jack opened my eyes, and soon – my heart.  Mom and I really enjoy talking about our love lives with each other.  I guess it’s true; mother does know best!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

SWEETER THAN 16 UPDATE: Voting thru Sunday!

Sweeter than 16Caption Tournament

Currently, "Sexpot Jackpot" is the leading vote getter.  Do you feel that this caption is the best tri-generational one from AFT?  Or do you prefer one of the other selections?


Sunday, April 13, 2014


Sweeter than 16Caption Tournament

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Vote for as many caps as you like! :)
**polls close on April 20, 2014**
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