Saturday, March 1, 2014

Colonel Carter's Dress-Up Tea Party (Arielle is an officer and a mom + GM!)


When Col. Albert Carter retired after 30 years in the Marine Corps, he did so as a way to make it up to his son Leo, from whom he had grown distant as his son left the nest, rebelled against his father’s strict upbringing.  Now Leo was raising  Max and Clay by himself – and Al wanted to be a great grandparent. 

 But could he cope with learning that his son really wanted to be a daughter – and that as a young mother, her sons would really want to be her cute daughters?  

“Attending this tea party was a great idea, Mom,” Lucy smiled as Melody and Chloe posed with their pretty mother and lovely and very stylish grandmother.

 “It wasn’t how I envisioned my golden years,” Arielle Carter grinned.  “But being with my family is all that matters.  And don’t we all look so pretty!”

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Dee Mentia said...

Mother and Daughter will have all the solders standing at attention!