Sunday, March 30, 2014


Sweeter than 16Caption Tournament
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SWEETER THAN 16 Regional Winner! "We Are Together"

Sweeter than 16
We are Together
1 We Are Together 12
2 A Family Secret Shared 9
3 Photogenic Family 8
4 House Rules 6
5 And This is My Mom… 5
6 Blessings 5
7 College is Tough! 5
8 2 Girlies 4
9 The Summer We Found 4
10 The Ticket To Success 4
11 Don't Let This Day… 3
12 Kendra's Reward 3
13 Life In Bloom 3
14 Talk It Out 3
15 Our Little Role Reversal 2
16 Selma Comes Home 1

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thanks Elena!

I had previously told you all of my entry in Elena Starz's caption contest, and she made this awesome cap as a prize!  I love it! :)  Please visit her awesome blog soon!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

SWEET THAN SIXTEEN Caption Tournmament

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 Photogenic Family House Rules Blessings  And This Is My Mom...  Life In Bloom  A Family Secret... Shared!  Selma Comes Home  Our Little Role Reversal  The Ticket To Sucess College Is Tough! We Are Together Don't Let This Day Ever End 2 Girlies Kendra's Reward The Summer We Found Each OtherTalk It Out

Sweeter Than Sixteen: Choose Top Four "Sweet Mommy & Daughter" Caps

I'm baaaaaaackk... :)

Since it's March and here in the good old USA, we're obsessed with March Madness and filling brackets (although most of you just want to fill some soft silky panties) ;0.  So I organized 64 - no, 128 (yikes) of my captions and cap stories into eight categories:

G or PG rated caps, many with younger girls who share feminine feelings with a pretty mom

No minors here: R and X rated caps with T-girls and the guys who drive them wild!

Latina, Asian, and African-American families of new ladies

Cougar alert!   These older chicks bring experience and style to their families

Take a sip of the juice, as these families enjoy life as girls as pretty as the Hollywood stars who portray them!

Wedding belles - the brides, their "moms" "sisters" and "daughters" and lots of romance!

Multiple caps tell a story of how dresses and makeups took sad guys and made stunning girls out of them!

Can a tiny two piece make these fathers and sons into hot MILFs and jailbait cuties?

For each category, each categories winners plus the 8 with the most votes will move onto the "Sweeter than 16" knockout round, where voters will reduce 16 to 8, 8 to 4, 4 to 2, and the final "Sweeter than 16" top cap.

Comments welcomed and encouraged! :)
The categories will be posted this week!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Going on vacation

I'll be back sometime before April 1.  Thanks for all the support!

MADAME JAE’S: The Gift of A Beautiful Woman (Taryn + Laura, with bows on!)

 The Gift of A Beautiful Woman

Todd Downey rushed from the front door to his Dad Luke in the kitchen, with the UPS package from the MJ Studio photographer.  Eagerly, they opened the box, and pulled out the two bubble-wrapped portraits inside.  Each of them reached for one, then unwrapped them, and their smiles were infectious.  Each guy had in his hands a glamour rendering of a desirable blonde…

Father and son then exchanged their portraits, and their smiles grew even brighter, out of an unmistakable pride…

“Wow, Dad,” Todd said, “Laura looks so SEDUCTIVE in this picture!  Any man who sees this will fall in love with her bedroom eyes, and want to spend every night of the rest of their lives wanting to please & tease her.”

Luke blushed.  “Well, take a look at her darling daughter here.  Taryn may turn 17 later this year, but she looks to a be a sophisticated woman of the world in this pose.  Look at her gorgeous figure!  Those legs!  She occupies the fantasies of many a young strapping lad – of any age.  I wonder if she has designs on a sugar daddy to wrap around her pretty little finger!”

Father and son giggled in a way that neither of them would do prior to their first Madame Jae experience.  “I don’t know about a sugar daddy, but both her and her hot mom do enjoy flirting with their handsome boyfriends.  Oh look!”  Todd chirped as he read the text on his phone.  “Looks like Brett and his dad got their copies of the portraits.  We better get ready for them to take us out.”

“Yea, now that we can dress at home,” Luke wistfully smiled, “It can take us hours to get just that right look!  Let’s get our rears in gear, sweetheart!”

“Hi boys,” the slinky blonde mother and daughter cooed as one when their dates arrived.  Laura & Taryn knew that the effect that they had on their father/son suitors was what any woman – genetic or MJ-made – dreamt of.  They each shared a lusty kiss with their men, with the promise of a glorious night ahead.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Colonel Carter's Dress-Up Tea Party (Arielle is an officer and a mom + GM!)


When Col. Albert Carter retired after 30 years in the Marine Corps, he did so as a way to make it up to his son Leo, from whom he had grown distant as his son left the nest, rebelled against his father’s strict upbringing.  Now Leo was raising  Max and Clay by himself – and Al wanted to be a great grandparent. 

 But could he cope with learning that his son really wanted to be a daughter – and that as a young mother, her sons would really want to be her cute daughters?  

“Attending this tea party was a great idea, Mom,” Lucy smiled as Melody and Chloe posed with their pretty mother and lovely and very stylish grandmother.

 “It wasn’t how I envisioned my golden years,” Arielle Carter grinned.  “But being with my family is all that matters.  And don’t we all look so pretty!”