Sunday, February 2, 2014

They Wanted To Lose? You Bet! (A "Super" fantasy for Natalie + Lucille)

They Wanted To Lose?  You Bet!

Wait?  Are you telling me Lou and Nick Reynolds, two of the best at picking winners in football games, actually picked the losing team INTENTIONALLY?
Natalie: Hey, my dad and I know what we’re doing!  We didn’t bet any money, we just bet our friends that if our team lost, we’d have to agree to dress in drag and pose as models for this sports magazine photoshoot.  

Lucille:   My buddy is an editor, and he wanted to bring a female demographic to his rag.  So he hired a fashion photog and makeover crew to turn us into a pair of leggy brunettes.  Truth be told,  Nattie and Lucy have been dressing at home for years, so being able to walk out in front of all these large men in heels and mini skirts is pretty damm exciting for me and my daughter!

Natalie:  Yea the looks Mom and I have gotten, well, now we have our own bet – which of us is going to end up the sexy girlfriend of a famous NFL player first?

Lucille:  Mmmm… all of this young beefcake is quite impressive, as are some of these hunky coaches.  I wonder if I can get a date with a Harbaugh brother?

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