Friday, February 7, 2014

The BEST Reason of Them All… (Cheri fesses up to Myra - about everything!)

The BEST Reason of Them All…
“I’m glad you listened to my advice, for a change,” Morton Childs confided his son, Charles. 

  After ten years in the big city, Charlie was fed up with no job promotions, no love life, and a lot of stress.  Returning to his hometown was one thing – but since Mort had retired, he had been spending his days as his lovely alter ego, Myra.   

Feeling defeated, Charlie allowed his father-now-mother to make him over as her pretty daughter.  Cheri turned to Myra, and with a thoughtful smile, she confessed, “Oh Mom!  I never would have dreamt of the amazing feelings I’ve experienced being a woman – with a REAL man!   Last night with Stan, he opened my eyes to real passion and real love!  I
 was so frustrated with being a stud that I was never was – so to be Cheri, and to be able to seduce my lover – to letting him think he was in charge while I was manipulating his incredible body and his (mmmm) amazing cock!  God that man just make me wanna…”

“Take it easy, darling,” Myra soothed with an arm around Cheri’s soft shoulders.  “It’s obvious from the emotions your expressed that I was right to lead you down this path.  Now we’re going to enjoy our lives as mother and daughter, and as best friends discussing the men in our lives.  Especially the sex – it’s the best reason to be a gorgeous girl like we are.  Now tell me – how many orgasms?”

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