Friday, February 28, 2014

She's Always Interfering! (Jeanie, your mom Maddie is up to no good!)

She’s Always Interfering! 
Five years ago, Max Stern came out as a transsexual woman, and ever since then Madeline Stern has been a happy, beautiful woman. But when Maddie’s son Joseph wanted to explore his own identity, he felt that his new mom was interfering too much in his-her life! 

“Jeanette Stern, will you wipe that scowl off your pretty little face?  You’re such a pretty girl – I should know because you get your gorgeous looks from me, your proud mother!”

“Dammit, Mom!  Everything about me as Jeanie is NOT because you went through your transition.  I am my own  woman now!  I have a job, a new apartment…  
“I know, I’m so proud!  Look – I need to tell you…   Stan asked me to marry him last night.”
“Oh my GOD!  Mom, that’s wonderful!”
“I know, baby, and the best part for us is that you are my only choice for maid of honor.  You’ll help me make it the happiest woman – and Stan the luckiest guy – in the world!  And wait until you meet Neil, his nephew and best man.  I know you both will hit it off, and it’s time you found yourself a real boyfriend – a man of your own!”
SIGH “Don’t you ever stop?   Wait, is that Neil walking into the bar now with your fiancé?  He’s a hunk!  Oooh, Mom…” 


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