Saturday, February 1, 2014

MOTB Tales: He Asked, She Said… (Ingrid + Alexis will answer inside!)

MOTB Tales: He Asked, She Said…
I had been dating Ronnie for a year since I healed from my surgery that allowed Alexis to exist, but if this got any more serious, how could I break it to my young son, Ian?  How can he cope with his dad Aaron wanting to be a woman and his mother instead?

“Look at this picture that my son sent me,” grinned Ronnie as we talked at the restaurant.    

Aww, who is this cute little girl who posed with Nick?” I asked – and then it hit me – it WAS Ian!  He – she was so cute in her pink dress!   

 “It was Ingrid’s idea to help me ask you –Alexis, let’s be a family together – will you marry me?”  

 As he pulled out the gorgeous diamond ring, I cried yes, and the entire restaurant applauded. 

   When I picked my child up at her aunt’s, it was that pretty little girl who embraced me as we shared this special joy.  

 “Mommy, you’ll be the most beautiful bride ever – at least until I’m old enough to get married!” :)


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