Saturday, February 8, 2014

MADAME JAE’S: All Eyes on Lacey (including two proud + sexy mentors!)

All EYES on Lacey

Lon Calvert was given a very special birthday gift by his dad Freddie and his grand-dad Carlton – a sweet 16 coming out party, hosted by Madame Jae’s.  It included a full salon treatment for the shy young lad, along with his first taste of Jae Juice.   

Within hours, Lon – now Lacey – had the soft long hair, sweet curves, and dazzling long legs of any teen queen.  And she was deep into fantasy land with all of the pretty gowns she tried on for hours nonstop!  And yet another MJ diva was “born” to strut her stuff!

Grinning from ear to ear, Lacey was embraced by her “chaperones” for the evening, the sultry Felicia and the voluptuous Claudia; it was their idea to show Lacey how much they enjoyed being attractive “special” girls.  All eyes were on Lacey as she danced with her first boy, especially the proud mother and grandmother.  

 Hours later, all three ladies drove home and chatted all night about the wonderful feelings that came from the attention of every boy – and man – who asked them all to dance!


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