Thursday, February 13, 2014

“Do I have IT in me to be a girl?” (Great question, Greta! Ready for your answer?)

“Do I have IT in me to be a girl?”
Gabe Santana’s heart was beating so fast, he swore that it could be seeing pressing up through his chest, into his silky bra, and the flowery dress he was wearing.  He never thought in a million years he would ever dress or pose as a pretty girl,,, much less  having his father Alonzo and brother Oscar – also en femme – coaching him on how to act like a natural female at this outdoor party.

“I just have to wonder,” Gabe whispered to his family, “do I have it in me to be a girl?”
Gabe’s dad and older brother snickered.  

 “Greta, my darling, that’s the most fun you can have as a sexy girl – having IT in you!” grinned Annette,  the foxy Latin cougar.

“What Mom just said, sis,” giggled Olivia.  That’s why we wanted to show you life as a sexy chica!  Look, here come our buff boyfriends , and their buddy Juan – he’s your date tonight.  Let’s go say hi, ladies.”

“The one in the leather jacket – he does look pretty cute,” mused Greta to her mom and sister as they approached the guys.  16 hours later, the Santana “women” would discuss how wonderful it felt for them all to have “IT” rock their world the night before!

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