Saturday, February 15, 2014

Busted? (for the 1st time in a long time, a "sisters" cap)

“I feel like we’re being blackmailed, bro!” yelled Kenny Rivers to his older sibling Jim.  “Zack sent us this photo of the two of us dancing with him at the New Year’s party!”

Jim studied the photo.   Fulfilling a bet made the prior January, Jim and Kenny posed as the Rivers “sisters” – putting on makeup and wigs and cavorting “topless” with the guys at Zack’s frat party.  If not for their lack of boobs, “Jenny” and “Kara” looked like two hot co-eds whoring it up with some dudes.

“You can think of like that – but Zack is gay and he doesn’t want to come out and ruin his chance at that Fortune 500 job.   So, let’s negotiate here – he pays for us to get implants, hormones, and I get a ring, and become his little trophy wife.  He gets his buddy Rick to propose to you – double wedding, sis, and we never have to work a day in our life again.  How about that, sis?”

“Jen, you’re so smart!  Ohs and I think I get the  better catch.  We sucked both their dicks and Ricky is at least two inches longer!”

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