Sunday, February 9, 2014

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (except for the fire inside Jennifer + Rachel)

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
 (but we are RED HOT deep inside)…
Johnny:  I really don’t understand, Dad.  First, you give me that hot chocolate with the mint leaf, and it turns out the leaf is from a gender-changing plant, so you and I turn into women.  Then you insist we dress as girls, and then come outside where it’s FREEZING, and we sit on this cold bench!  Are you crazy?

Ron:  Crazy like a fox, my child… and look at our new bodies, we are pretty foxy.  And it may 30 below outside but I bet you’re feeling kind of warm now…

Johnny:  Wow, I am feeling a little flush.  I don’t even feel chilly.  I feel this “warmth” emanating from uh… 

Rachel: It’s called being a girl sweetie.  A sexy girl, just like your dear old mom right here.  You’re a passionate redhead, with a nice round rear end, long slinky legs, the lips on an angel, and eyes of a vixen with devilish intentions.  And right here where I have place my hand, below your bosom, is your beating heart.  Just like any other warm blooded beauty.

Jennifer: Oh Mom, tell me more about how I can be follow these new wonderful desires.  I want to feel this way all of the time.  Will you show me how?

Rachel:  Absolutely.  Look down the street, Jennifer. Here come two handsome gentlemen.  They can help us keep us warm and comfortable  all winter long!

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