Saturday, January 18, 2014

What The Right Dress Can Do To Your Body… and Soul (starring Carla + Jodi)

What The Right Dress Can Do To Your Body… and Soul

CHIP:  This is still way too much for my feeble little mind to comprehend, son.  Six hours ago, I was just like you –a guy’s guy, wondering how to not welsh on this stupid bet we made with Stu & Gary about our team not making the playoffs.  I mean, wear dresses?  Then we put these magical mini-dresses on, and suddenly you and I have 100% tight female bodies – the kind meant for this curve lovin’ fabric!

JASON: I don’t know what’s crazier, Dad – the new boobs and tush we have gained, or the body parts that we have lost!  The old gypsy who sold us these “costumes” didn’t tell us we’d lose all traces of maleness.  That being said, this… feels so good… to have a body like this…  Am I…

CARLA:  Crazy?  Maybe – or maybe we’re just acting like any women excited at a night out on the town – looking so good – on the arms of two guys that I never knew looked so damm good.  Where I used to have my… my penis…

JODI: Where we used to have our dicks, is where by the end of the night, I want Gary’s cock – in and out of my wet snatch.  I know you want to explore your new feelings just as much as I do – Mom.  Let’s give in to our new hormones!

CARLA:  I’m with ya, baby.  I love our dresses, but they will look better on the floor when our guys fuck us tonight!