Friday, January 3, 2014

Two Women - Year One (Michelle + Angela accept their punishment - very willingly!)

Two Women - Year One
Michelle: It’s been quite a year for us, hasn’t it?  I started the year as Martin, the arrogant attorney with three ex-wives, a unrepentant mini-me of a college age son, and facing years in jail for shady business deals.

Angela: And I had been expelled for multiple accusations of attempted date rape, and you are then were approached by that coven of witches. 

Michelle: Yes, and as much as we hated what they had done to us – to our bodies, our minds, our psyches – it was both a proper punishment and a pathway to a better, happier life.  Don’t you agree, sweetheart? 

Angela: Mom, you are absolutely right.  We were pathetic men, but as mother and daughter we have seen the light.  No more alpha male ego boosting bullshit.  And all of those evil acts we did – totally washed away!

Michelle: And I am so proud of you now – you have a wonderful set of sorority sisters as girlfriends – dean’s list  - and a great new job lined up!

Angela: What about you – you’re still a lawyer, only now you are a leader in the community and so well respected as an advocate for all women!

Michelle: Now let’s be honest – the real reason Angie and Shelly are such happy girls?  SEX.  When my Henry and I make love, I absolutely melt like butter.  All of those wonderful orgasms.  I just love being his sexy lil’ wife!

Angela: Oh Mom, it’s the same with me and Owen; he makes scream in ecstasy!    And thanks to our little chats, we’re so much better at pleasing and teasing our men (giggle)  Not bad for a first year as women, huh?

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