Saturday, January 25, 2014

“They don’t suspect?” (Mona + Brenda, we suspect you enjoy being women...)

“They don’t suspect?”

Martin said nervously. His son Benny  had been posing as a woman, and was so damn convincing, that a young doctor had asked to marry the faux blonde babe.   Somehow, son convinced dad to come to the engagement party.  In a dress! 
“Not a chance – MOTHER,” cooed Brenda to the now glammed up Mona.  “I’m going to be rich and
beautiful and adored by my husband and his family.  And his Uncle Joe really has the hots for you.  I think we can both pull this off!”
Mona looked  at her  suitor, the esteemed Judge, and winked at lovely Brenda. 

“Go get ‘em  cougar,” Brenda said with a kiss on the cheek.

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