Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Right Kind of Family (Helena + Caitlin follow Sylvia's path of debauchery)

The Right Kind of Family
“Look, Winston, my girls have arrived,” announced Sylvia Cahill. “They are thrilled to meet you, ever since we announced our engagement.  Helena is so looking forward to being my maiden of honor, as is Caitlin as first bridesmaid.  One day, my daughter will marry again, and together, we’ll watch my granddaughter  become a bride herself.  Perhaps you will escort them both down the aisle.”

Winston Johnson was both of  the state’s richest men – and he also had a thing for M2F trannies.  Saul Cahill, five year after leaving his family to be a shemale trollop, found herself in Winston’s estate, allowing the man to make her his plaything.  Saul’s son Huey and grandson Connor both heard rumors about old man Johnson’s new gold digging fiancee, and confronted Sylvia.  Rather than deny and have them thrown off  the property – she challenged them to step into her shoes (and the rest of the wardrobe) to see what drove her to offer up her sweet sissy ass to Winston – the money, the sex, the clothes, the sex, the lifestyle, the sex – did we mention the sex?

Sylvia’s engagement party was the debut of the Cahill trio.  Full of hormones, squeezed into delicate lingerie, and glammed to the max, the new  kittenish Caitlin and her hot mom Helena had been properly schooled in their new roles as stylish, slutty blondes. 
In her boudoir, Sylvia grinned as she heard both Helena and Caitlin cry and moan for more cock as the studs they seduced fucked them all night.    

“I told you they were just like me, hon” the sexy T-cougar growled as she offered her “pussy” to the man of the house!

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