Saturday, January 4, 2014

The New Genetics (Elizabeth + Alyson got rid of the "Y" and added an "X")

The New Genetics

Dr. Edward Chambers, a successful obstetrician, soon will have the most unique experience  of  his 25 years in the maternity ward – delivering a baby after becoming a woman.  That’s right, knocked up, and giving birth like any other mother.  And she’s not alone in her situation!

Ed’s son Andrew had gotten a PhD in genetics and was showing his dad a sample of his chromosomal studies when a freak accident infected both of them with genomes, which rewrote both of their Y chromosomes into another X.  This completely changed their physiology and gender.   

After months of isolation, the new ladies – Elizabeth and “daughter” Alyson – decided to get on with life.  Life as normal, healthy women.

“Now that we’re women, we need to act like women.  Get our hair done regularly, get used to walking in heels, and even (gulp) going out of dates with men,” Elizabeth said with conviction.  

 “I’m right there with you – Mom – and I think we can do this, as long as we have each other’s support,”  Alyson agreed she lovingly embraced her mother.

Liz and Aly were soon a very stunning duo, and had no problems finding suitors.  They soon found wonderful boyfriends who caring, loving, and quite passionate.  Soon both were beautiful, blushing brides, and in the same week, both learned that they would give birth  to baby girls in the next nine months.    They now revel in being wives and mommies  - and in Liz’s case – being a happy hottie grandmother !   

Ten years later, both Dr. Elizabeth Chambers-Smith and Dr. Alyson Chambers-Riley won a Nobel Prize in Medicine for their research.

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