Sunday, January 5, 2014

Teen T-Mom & G-Mom return in "Happy Wives, Happy Lives"

TEEN T-MOM & G-MOM: Happy Wives, Happy Lives
“Smile girls,” Travis Weaver said to the subjects of his portrait – the two most beautiful women in his life – and a very cute canine!
Sara Weaver (nee Stewart) beamed as her husband of two years captured the stunning brunette showing off some sweet legs in her lacy pink dress.  To Sara’s left, Travis’ stepdaughter Anna, cuddling the Weaver’s pet Yorkie, Fluffy, grinned at her Daddy while showing off her own cute shoes.  It was hard to believe that the happy family had come so far, or the circumstances in which they came together. 

 “Genetically, my entire family – Fluffy included – are male,” thought Sara amusedly, thinking back to how hopeless a situation young dad Steve and his son Adam were in, before the mother and daughter’s guardian angels – Sara’s stepdad and mom  John and Marcy Merritt – stepped in and saved her family from falling apart with their amazing plan to “go girly”.

“Looking hot lady,” John praised his wife, as she posed in a curve hugging blue dress.  The former Mike Stewart had been the one to come up with the gender altering solution to keep Steve out of jail.  He also gladly shed manhood and fatherhood to become the gorgeous Marcy, and she was a natural as a mom, a grandmom, and as John’s sexy wife.  John had retired from the bench to spend more time with his growing family, especially his wife, her bubbly daughter, and that cutie-patootie granddaughter!
“Mom, maybe the three of us should become models,” giggled Sara as she and Marcy prepared a gourmet meal for their family.   

They played with Anna until her bedtime at nine.  The adults laughed and drank wine for a few more hours, then each wife led her hubby to bed for some tender lovemaking.

A month later, Sara and Marcy found themselves back in comfortable surroundings: at the beach, rocking a two piece string bikini, and showing off their incredibly well-kept bodies.
Sara’s comment about modeling turned out to be the start of a whole new career for the Stewart women – mother, daughter and granddaughter all were signed to Jenkins’ Department Stores to pose for next year’s catalog.   For this bikini shoot, Anna sat on the sidelines with her daddy and grandpa as the older girls primped and posed for the shot.

During a break in the shoot, Marcy whispered to her daughter, “Honey, for decades, models in swimwear knew how to get a RISE out of men.  We now know what that feels like to go from being the aroused fellow, to becoming the sexy creature who makes the boys hard.”

“Mom, you’re so funny,” Sara giggled as she waved to the guys and her baby girl.  

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