Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tail Spin (Young Hannah and her mom Christi like to play, boys!)

Cal and Harry Salisbury were serial practical jokers.  One time, father and son dressed as IRS agents and convinced Cal’s brother that he was being hauled to jail for tax evasion. 

 Another time,  young Harry posed as a hockey player from Lithuania and hisDad was his “interpreter” to gain access to a skybox at the NHL game.  Oh, and then there was this time that they shaved their bodies, put on wigs and fake curves, and posed as Christi and Hannah and walked into the Playboy Club and were posing as Bunnies serving the clinetele.  Each time a man pinched one of the “girls” on the bum, they giggled at the ruse they were posing.   

Well – some practical jokes become serious…

Six months later, they’re still in character.   Now instead of wigs and fake boobs, they have taken hormones and grown and styled their hair out.  Hannah and her mom Christi still giggle when a man pinches their “bunny tail” – and if they look rich and cute enough, they’ll pass the guy their numbers…


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Dee Mentia said...

Hmm, wonder if Cal's brother had something to do with a bit of payback .. one tip at a time!