Saturday, January 25, 2014

Success Tastes So Sweet (starring Maria, Sandra, and a magical confectionary!)

Success Tastes So Sweet
Mother looked at daughter with immense pride. The daughter returned her gaze with great anticipation of what they were about to do.  They were in this together – forever.

Steven Meyer had little to show for his month long business trip – the big deal feel through and the boss would have his head.  Steve’s son Michael, who would rather play video games than study at the university, urged his Pop to have a piece of the candy his bought from the little girl in the scout uniform.  Only – the candy was not sanctioned by the worldwide troop.  Rather it was endowed with some life-changing properties.  

The Meyers awoke from a feverish dreams with a new reality.  They both had lost their male identity – and ordinary equipment – for the look and feel of goddesses.   And each new goddess suddenly found their armoires filled with frilly silken lingerie, glamorous gowns, tight skirts, and 6” heels.   

They also found bound diaries that their now femme personas had written “over the years.”  Maria’s described in erotic detail how she had let Mike’s best chum take her innocence at the Spring Formal.

In the room down the hall, Sandra’s tome was full of tales of motherhood to Maria – and of her exploits with Gordon – the boss that Steve feared.  In this world, Sandra ruled him.

“Mommy, isn’t this set just so cute?” Maria said as she strutted in from of  Sandra.  

 She was so proud to have raised such a well-adjusted, beautiful daughter who knew how to handle her man’s devotion to her.     

Who needed work or school?

 “It’s positively wicked, darling!  Don’t you love the feel of it?”

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