Friday, January 31, 2014

Sobering Confessional (Annie + Rebecca lose control, and they LOVE it!)

On a dare by their neighbors, Tony Paulino and Tony Jr,  Robert Mullen and son Adrian dressed in drag and went to the bachelorette party of Tony Sr’s sister, Barbara.  They had a few too many shots and shooters, and were lost in a wild new fantasy…
Adrian: Dad… I… can’t  believe you.  You actually  stuck your hand inside of that strippers towel.  You touched that guy’s cock.  You must really be drunk.

Robert:  Damm it, you know ya haveta call me Mom – little girl! (giggle)  And who was that I saw twerking on the table with those two beefcakes (hic)?

Barbara:  Well, ANNIE and REBECCA, you two bitches are naturals, in my  opinion.  Your fake tits even bounce as you shriek and holler at these studs.  Tell you what – I’m calling Carlos and Stan back over here to give you both a cummy “chaser”…. If you can take it.

Ten minutes later, Annie and Rebecca took “it” between their painted lips and then took it again several times up their tight little “pussies”

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