Friday, January 10, 2014

Out With The “Big Girls” (Shauna, watch, learn and "grow")

Out With The “Big Girls”
"So tell me, Shauna,” whispered Jerry Smith to his teenage son Sidney, at the busy restaurant, “Do you like the gift that your grandma and I gave you for your 16th birthday a little or a lot?”

“I love them, Mom” chirped the blonde teen, “And it’s cool that you both got a pair for your own.  I guess this means we’re not going back to doing guy things, like going hunting?”

Jessica, Jerry’s alter-ego looked down at her sweet new assets, and then giggled as she saw that her new daughter was just as blessed, as she mulled the question.  She replied, “Well, I am looking forward to our next visit to Victoria’s Secret a lot, but I think we have a new hobby, thanks to our new weapons.  Say Mother, what do you think about us three going hunting?”

Paul Smith cooed, “Watch and learn girls.”  

 Phyllis then turned and smiled at her the middle aged waiter came to the table with the three blonde T-girls.  “A Coke for my granddaughter, and two Cosmos for my daughter and I.  By the way, I’m single – here’s my number.”

As Phyllis slipped the man her number, Jessica poked Shauna and whispered, “That’s how sexy girls like us to hunt.”

  Shauna smiled and nodded  She would soon be hunting alongside them both.

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