Saturday, January 18, 2014

MOTB TALES: A Recent, Lifelong Dream (Shana follows where Lara trailblazed)

MOTB Tales:  A Recent, Lifelong Dream
Lara:  Oh, Shana… it’s wonderful for me as your mother to see my little girl on her wedding day! I remember, holding you when you were just an infant, imagining what it would be like to see..

Shana:  Uh, Mom…  I think you are embellishing just a little bit here… with this “memory” of us.

Lara:   Not really, honey.  I do remember being Lenny holding his newborn son, Scott.  Sure, we could never imagine witnessing that mob hit, and having to assume new lives – complete with sexual reassignment, and living as girls!

Shana:  I guess it’s too crazy to think that we could be happy this way – but look at us, Mom!  You found love, and married John, and now I’m ready to be Mrs. Nathan Parker.   We both look incredible in our gowns, and you are the most incredible role model for me as a new bride.

Lara:  (sniff) well, I guess I’ll be crying up a storm today,  as MOTB, I am entitled to do so!  

Shana:  Yay!  And the best part is tonight – my HUSBAND makes a  REAL woman out of me!

Lara:  Shana, you and I have already become “real women.” Now we’ll both be wives of men that we love and want to give them pleasure!

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