Wednesday, January 1, 2014

MADAME JAE'S: Two Proud "Mother" (Welcome to 2014, my darlings!)

Two Proud “Mothers” 
KERI:  Oh, seeing her dance with a man for the first time – that was soooo precious.  I still remember my first dance with a J-Clubber like it was yesterday, sis.  Remember how we came to Madame ’s so scared, and ended up having such fun?

NANCY: And I remember my first dance too!  And everything after that as a MJ girl! (giggle)  To think, Keri, that sexy cougar spent the first 55 years of her life as our hard-luck dad, Edmund, only to blossom, here at Madame Jae’s.  Just like Keith and Nathan did several years ago!  I could just cry!

KERI: Yea, I kind feel like she’s the young debutante making her society debut, and you and I are like the proud mothers.  

NANCY:  I think we still have a lot to teach our “little girl” – all about T-girl romance and sexuality.  I wonder how long it will be until the three of us are going out shopping and doing lunch and dishing about the men went want to take us…

EVELYN: Dishing about handsome, virile, J-clubbers who want to take us girls to bed?  Well, my darling daughters, Jim just asked me out next Saturday night.  And with all of this Jae Juice in my body – I think you both need to help me be ready to show my new boyfriend what kind of woman I am!

NANCY: Oh Mom, we’re so proud of you tonight!  You look so HOT and Jim looks like a real hunk.  Welcome to the club!

KERI: Mom, I think we should plan a triple date, with Jim and our sexy men.   But before that, we need to have a girls’ day out.  Two sisters and their mom, ready for some action!

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