Sunday, January 12, 2014

MADAME JAE'S: Scheming and Dreaming (Tina + Becki like to party hearty)


Scheming and Dreaming

For several hours, the noises emanating from the hotel suite alerted anyone passing in the hallway that there were people inside – a man and  a woman, or perhaps more – having wild, ravenous sex.  Actually that was not true – people were doing it – except it was two lucky fellows – a charming businessman and his son -  and two stunning Asian-American babes with larger than normal clits.  

Mechanical Engineer Thomas Choi and his college student son Bradley had been spending several summers visiting Madame Jae’s Salon, and had participated in many a J-Club function.  Tom’s exposure to the addictive Jae Juice gave him a slinky, seductive figure whenever he strutted his – her stuff as the exotic Tina.  Meanwhile, Brad emulated his father-turned mother as the stunning hottie Becki; her own body had morphed from the Juice, and she shared her sexy Mommy's curves – and her eager appetite for strong studly and very virile men!

For several hours, Tina and Becki screamed in pure joy as the father-son duo fucked them into a chaotic type of nirvana.  After the men big adieu, the giddy “girls” talked in bed about their orgasms, what they would wear the next night, and how they dreamt of finding the perfect guys: well-hung, great stamina, and with the wealth to garnish these gold-digger's with their hearts desire.   

And that next night, in evening gowns that drew maximum attention, the Chois noticed two candidates.  “They’re cute and they look rich,” whispered Tina the T-MILF.

“They sure do Mom, and they are coming over now,” cooed Becki the young shemale.  

 Both of them instinctively turned to the side to show off their ripe rear ends – as if to say to the two men, “Hey studs; we’re all yours tonight!”

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