Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Talk About Seduction (Karen learns a lot from Lydia)

A Talk About Seduction
“I know you are nervous; it’s alright, honey.  My first time I went out in public dressed as Lydia, I thought everyone was going to see the bulge in the mini-skirt, and I would be outed,” the charming beauty in pink, who was born Lawrence Cooley reassured her child.

“That’s exactly how I feel now.  I mean, just walking in heels, wearing this frilly lingerie – and trust me, it’s rubbing up against my groin,” exhaled a very nervous Keith Cooley.

“Doesn’t that feel wonderful, the sensation of silkiness across your now softer body.  It gets better and better, Karen.  Tell me… have you thought about our double date tonight?”, said Lydia with a teasing but nurturing grin.

“Yes, Mom.  I think that we picked the right dress for my debut as your daughter.  I seem to have inherited your long, sexy legs.” Karen sighed.  “Mom?  Can I ask you something about umm… how do I say this…  sex?”

“Of course.  What piece of sage motherly advice can I give you about the birds and the bees?” Lydia replied quite eagerly.

“Well… I was in bed last night, and I dreamt of Allen and you excusing yourselves  (giggle) and leaving Oliver and me – alone.  He may want to seduce me.  Should… should I let him?” the young transvestite asked with eyes full of wonder – and lust. 

Lydia put her arm on Karen’s shoulder and cooed, “Let me tell you, my dear.  After 40 years of a blasé masculine life, I found the meaning of life in the throes of the most incredible orgasms  - in Al’s bedroom.  If you want to know if Oliver is the right guy,  MAKE him seduce you.  As  women, we can manipulate virile men into whatever we DESIRE!”

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