Friday, January 31, 2014

Finally - an update to the Fiction Database - and an AWESOME new story by Charlotte Johnson

Hello girls! 

I decided to update the FT Family TG Database with several new stories - look for the HIGHLIGHTED signals for a new story featured on what is probably the only collection of such stories.  And what spurred me to act on this after a few years?

The image above is from Fictionmania's newest story, by one of the top writers on there.  Charlotte's tales delightfully mix sweetness, sexuality, drama, compassion, and.. her heroines are so well dressed!  As the title above states, LIKE FATHER LIKE SON is a story of an established T-girl and the child who grew up wanting to be just like... Dad?  Mom?  Well for now, the former pop is now "Auntie Katie>"

The story actually continues a thread with some characters from other Charlotte stories.  Check them all out, and all of the authors on my list.  And leave me comments if you want to discuss your favorite :)

Sobering Confessional (Annie + Rebecca lose control, and they LOVE it!)

On a dare by their neighbors, Tony Paulino and Tony Jr,  Robert Mullen and son Adrian dressed in drag and went to the bachelorette party of Tony Sr’s sister, Barbara.  They had a few too many shots and shooters, and were lost in a wild new fantasy…
Adrian: Dad… I… can’t  believe you.  You actually  stuck your hand inside of that strippers towel.  You touched that guy’s cock.  You must really be drunk.

Robert:  Damm it, you know ya haveta call me Mom – little girl! (giggle)  And who was that I saw twerking on the table with those two beefcakes (hic)?

Barbara:  Well, ANNIE and REBECCA, you two bitches are naturals, in my  opinion.  Your fake tits even bounce as you shriek and holler at these studs.  Tell you what – I’m calling Carlos and Stan back over here to give you both a cummy “chaser”…. If you can take it.

Ten minutes later, Annie and Rebecca took “it” between their painted lips and then took it again several times up their tight little “pussies”

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Right Kind of Family (Helena + Caitlin follow Sylvia's path of debauchery)

The Right Kind of Family
“Look, Winston, my girls have arrived,” announced Sylvia Cahill. “They are thrilled to meet you, ever since we announced our engagement.  Helena is so looking forward to being my maiden of honor, as is Caitlin as first bridesmaid.  One day, my daughter will marry again, and together, we’ll watch my granddaughter  become a bride herself.  Perhaps you will escort them both down the aisle.”

Winston Johnson was both of  the state’s richest men – and he also had a thing for M2F trannies.  Saul Cahill, five year after leaving his family to be a shemale trollop, found herself in Winston’s estate, allowing the man to make her his plaything.  Saul’s son Huey and grandson Connor both heard rumors about old man Johnson’s new gold digging fiancee, and confronted Sylvia.  Rather than deny and have them thrown off  the property – she challenged them to step into her shoes (and the rest of the wardrobe) to see what drove her to offer up her sweet sissy ass to Winston – the money, the sex, the clothes, the sex, the lifestyle, the sex – did we mention the sex?

Sylvia’s engagement party was the debut of the Cahill trio.  Full of hormones, squeezed into delicate lingerie, and glammed to the max, the new  kittenish Caitlin and her hot mom Helena had been properly schooled in their new roles as stylish, slutty blondes. 
In her boudoir, Sylvia grinned as she heard both Helena and Caitlin cry and moan for more cock as the studs they seduced fucked them all night.    

“I told you they were just like me, hon” the sexy T-cougar growled as she offered her “pussy” to the man of the house!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

“They don’t suspect?” (Mona + Brenda, we suspect you enjoy being women...)

“They don’t suspect?”

Martin said nervously. His son Benny  had been posing as a woman, and was so damn convincing, that a young doctor had asked to marry the faux blonde babe.   Somehow, son convinced dad to come to the engagement party.  In a dress! 
“Not a chance – MOTHER,” cooed Brenda to the now glammed up Mona.  “I’m going to be rich and
beautiful and adored by my husband and his family.  And his Uncle Joe really has the hots for you.  I think we can both pull this off!”
Mona looked  at her  suitor, the esteemed Judge, and winked at lovely Brenda. 

“Go get ‘em  cougar,” Brenda said with a kiss on the cheek.

Success Tastes So Sweet (starring Maria, Sandra, and a magical confectionary!)

Success Tastes So Sweet
Mother looked at daughter with immense pride. The daughter returned her gaze with great anticipation of what they were about to do.  They were in this together – forever.

Steven Meyer had little to show for his month long business trip – the big deal feel through and the boss would have his head.  Steve’s son Michael, who would rather play video games than study at the university, urged his Pop to have a piece of the candy his bought from the little girl in the scout uniform.  Only – the candy was not sanctioned by the worldwide troop.  Rather it was endowed with some life-changing properties.  

The Meyers awoke from a feverish dreams with a new reality.  They both had lost their male identity – and ordinary equipment – for the look and feel of goddesses.   And each new goddess suddenly found their armoires filled with frilly silken lingerie, glamorous gowns, tight skirts, and 6” heels.   

They also found bound diaries that their now femme personas had written “over the years.”  Maria’s described in erotic detail how she had let Mike’s best chum take her innocence at the Spring Formal.

In the room down the hall, Sandra’s tome was full of tales of motherhood to Maria – and of her exploits with Gordon – the boss that Steve feared.  In this world, Sandra ruled him.

“Mommy, isn’t this set just so cute?” Maria said as she strutted in from of  Sandra.  

 She was so proud to have raised such a well-adjusted, beautiful daughter who knew how to handle her man’s devotion to her.     

Who needed work or school?

 “It’s positively wicked, darling!  Don’t you love the feel of it?”

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tail Spin (Young Hannah and her mom Christi like to play, boys!)

Cal and Harry Salisbury were serial practical jokers.  One time, father and son dressed as IRS agents and convinced Cal’s brother that he was being hauled to jail for tax evasion. 

 Another time,  young Harry posed as a hockey player from Lithuania and hisDad was his “interpreter” to gain access to a skybox at the NHL game.  Oh, and then there was this time that they shaved their bodies, put on wigs and fake curves, and posed as Christi and Hannah and walked into the Playboy Club and were posing as Bunnies serving the clinetele.  Each time a man pinched one of the “girls” on the bum, they giggled at the ruse they were posing.   

Well – some practical jokes become serious…

Six months later, they’re still in character.   Now instead of wigs and fake boobs, they have taken hormones and grown and styled their hair out.  Hannah and her mom Christi still giggle when a man pinches their “bunny tail” – and if they look rich and cute enough, they’ll pass the guy their numbers…


Saturday, January 18, 2014

What The Right Dress Can Do To Your Body… and Soul (starring Carla + Jodi)

What The Right Dress Can Do To Your Body… and Soul

CHIP:  This is still way too much for my feeble little mind to comprehend, son.  Six hours ago, I was just like you –a guy’s guy, wondering how to not welsh on this stupid bet we made with Stu & Gary about our team not making the playoffs.  I mean, wear dresses?  Then we put these magical mini-dresses on, and suddenly you and I have 100% tight female bodies – the kind meant for this curve lovin’ fabric!

JASON: I don’t know what’s crazier, Dad – the new boobs and tush we have gained, or the body parts that we have lost!  The old gypsy who sold us these “costumes” didn’t tell us we’d lose all traces of maleness.  That being said, this… feels so good… to have a body like this…  Am I…

CARLA:  Crazy?  Maybe – or maybe we’re just acting like any women excited at a night out on the town – looking so good – on the arms of two guys that I never knew looked so damm good.  Where I used to have my… my penis…

JODI: Where we used to have our dicks, is where by the end of the night, I want Gary’s cock – in and out of my wet snatch.  I know you want to explore your new feelings just as much as I do – Mom.  Let’s give in to our new hormones!

CARLA:  I’m with ya, baby.  I love our dresses, but they will look better on the floor when our guys fuck us tonight!

MOTB TALES: A Recent, Lifelong Dream (Shana follows where Lara trailblazed)

MOTB Tales:  A Recent, Lifelong Dream
Lara:  Oh, Shana… it’s wonderful for me as your mother to see my little girl on her wedding day! I remember, holding you when you were just an infant, imagining what it would be like to see..

Shana:  Uh, Mom…  I think you are embellishing just a little bit here… with this “memory” of us.

Lara:   Not really, honey.  I do remember being Lenny holding his newborn son, Scott.  Sure, we could never imagine witnessing that mob hit, and having to assume new lives – complete with sexual reassignment, and living as girls!

Shana:  I guess it’s too crazy to think that we could be happy this way – but look at us, Mom!  You found love, and married John, and now I’m ready to be Mrs. Nathan Parker.   We both look incredible in our gowns, and you are the most incredible role model for me as a new bride.

Lara:  (sniff) well, I guess I’ll be crying up a storm today,  as MOTB, I am entitled to do so!  

Shana:  Yay!  And the best part is tonight – my HUSBAND makes a  REAL woman out of me!

Lara:  Shana, you and I have already become “real women.” Now we’ll both be wives of men that we love and want to give them pleasure!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

MADAME JAE'S: Scheming and Dreaming (Tina + Becki like to party hearty)


Scheming and Dreaming

For several hours, the noises emanating from the hotel suite alerted anyone passing in the hallway that there were people inside – a man and  a woman, or perhaps more – having wild, ravenous sex.  Actually that was not true – people were doing it – except it was two lucky fellows – a charming businessman and his son -  and two stunning Asian-American babes with larger than normal clits.  

Mechanical Engineer Thomas Choi and his college student son Bradley had been spending several summers visiting Madame Jae’s Salon, and had participated in many a J-Club function.  Tom’s exposure to the addictive Jae Juice gave him a slinky, seductive figure whenever he strutted his – her stuff as the exotic Tina.  Meanwhile, Brad emulated his father-turned mother as the stunning hottie Becki; her own body had morphed from the Juice, and she shared her sexy Mommy's curves – and her eager appetite for strong studly and very virile men!

For several hours, Tina and Becki screamed in pure joy as the father-son duo fucked them into a chaotic type of nirvana.  After the men big adieu, the giddy “girls” talked in bed about their orgasms, what they would wear the next night, and how they dreamt of finding the perfect guys: well-hung, great stamina, and with the wealth to garnish these gold-digger's with their hearts desire.   

And that next night, in evening gowns that drew maximum attention, the Chois noticed two candidates.  “They’re cute and they look rich,” whispered Tina the T-MILF.

“They sure do Mom, and they are coming over now,” cooed Becki the young shemale.  

 Both of them instinctively turned to the side to show off their ripe rear ends – as if to say to the two men, “Hey studs; we’re all yours tonight!”

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Talk About Seduction (Karen learns a lot from Lydia)

A Talk About Seduction
“I know you are nervous; it’s alright, honey.  My first time I went out in public dressed as Lydia, I thought everyone was going to see the bulge in the mini-skirt, and I would be outed,” the charming beauty in pink, who was born Lawrence Cooley reassured her child.

“That’s exactly how I feel now.  I mean, just walking in heels, wearing this frilly lingerie – and trust me, it’s rubbing up against my groin,” exhaled a very nervous Keith Cooley.

“Doesn’t that feel wonderful, the sensation of silkiness across your now softer body.  It gets better and better, Karen.  Tell me… have you thought about our double date tonight?”, said Lydia with a teasing but nurturing grin.

“Yes, Mom.  I think that we picked the right dress for my debut as your daughter.  I seem to have inherited your long, sexy legs.” Karen sighed.  “Mom?  Can I ask you something about umm… how do I say this…  sex?”

“Of course.  What piece of sage motherly advice can I give you about the birds and the bees?” Lydia replied quite eagerly.

“Well… I was in bed last night, and I dreamt of Allen and you excusing yourselves  (giggle) and leaving Oliver and me – alone.  He may want to seduce me.  Should… should I let him?” the young transvestite asked with eyes full of wonder – and lust. 

Lydia put her arm on Karen’s shoulder and cooed, “Let me tell you, my dear.  After 40 years of a blasé masculine life, I found the meaning of life in the throes of the most incredible orgasms  - in Al’s bedroom.  If you want to know if Oliver is the right guy,  MAKE him seduce you.  As  women, we can manipulate virile men into whatever we DESIRE!”

Friday, January 10, 2014

Out With The “Big Girls” (Shauna, watch, learn and "grow")

Out With The “Big Girls”
"So tell me, Shauna,” whispered Jerry Smith to his teenage son Sidney, at the busy restaurant, “Do you like the gift that your grandma and I gave you for your 16th birthday a little or a lot?”

“I love them, Mom” chirped the blonde teen, “And it’s cool that you both got a pair for your own.  I guess this means we’re not going back to doing guy things, like going hunting?”

Jessica, Jerry’s alter-ego looked down at her sweet new assets, and then giggled as she saw that her new daughter was just as blessed, as she mulled the question.  She replied, “Well, I am looking forward to our next visit to Victoria’s Secret a lot, but I think we have a new hobby, thanks to our new weapons.  Say Mother, what do you think about us three going hunting?”

Paul Smith cooed, “Watch and learn girls.”  

 Phyllis then turned and smiled at her the middle aged waiter came to the table with the three blonde T-girls.  “A Coke for my granddaughter, and two Cosmos for my daughter and I.  By the way, I’m single – here’s my number.”

As Phyllis slipped the man her number, Jessica poked Shauna and whispered, “That’s how sexy girls like us to hunt.”

  Shauna smiled and nodded  She would soon be hunting alongside them both.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Teen T-Mom & G-Mom return in "Happy Wives, Happy Lives"

TEEN T-MOM & G-MOM: Happy Wives, Happy Lives
“Smile girls,” Travis Weaver said to the subjects of his portrait – the two most beautiful women in his life – and a very cute canine!
Sara Weaver (nee Stewart) beamed as her husband of two years captured the stunning brunette showing off some sweet legs in her lacy pink dress.  To Sara’s left, Travis’ stepdaughter Anna, cuddling the Weaver’s pet Yorkie, Fluffy, grinned at her Daddy while showing off her own cute shoes.  It was hard to believe that the happy family had come so far, or the circumstances in which they came together. 

 “Genetically, my entire family – Fluffy included – are male,” thought Sara amusedly, thinking back to how hopeless a situation young dad Steve and his son Adam were in, before the mother and daughter’s guardian angels – Sara’s stepdad and mom  John and Marcy Merritt – stepped in and saved her family from falling apart with their amazing plan to “go girly”.

“Looking hot lady,” John praised his wife, as she posed in a curve hugging blue dress.  The former Mike Stewart had been the one to come up with the gender altering solution to keep Steve out of jail.  He also gladly shed manhood and fatherhood to become the gorgeous Marcy, and she was a natural as a mom, a grandmom, and as John’s sexy wife.  John had retired from the bench to spend more time with his growing family, especially his wife, her bubbly daughter, and that cutie-patootie granddaughter!
“Mom, maybe the three of us should become models,” giggled Sara as she and Marcy prepared a gourmet meal for their family.   

They played with Anna until her bedtime at nine.  The adults laughed and drank wine for a few more hours, then each wife led her hubby to bed for some tender lovemaking.

A month later, Sara and Marcy found themselves back in comfortable surroundings: at the beach, rocking a two piece string bikini, and showing off their incredibly well-kept bodies.
Sara’s comment about modeling turned out to be the start of a whole new career for the Stewart women – mother, daughter and granddaughter all were signed to Jenkins’ Department Stores to pose for next year’s catalog.   For this bikini shoot, Anna sat on the sidelines with her daddy and grandpa as the older girls primped and posed for the shot.

During a break in the shoot, Marcy whispered to her daughter, “Honey, for decades, models in swimwear knew how to get a RISE out of men.  We now know what that feels like to go from being the aroused fellow, to becoming the sexy creature who makes the boys hard.”

“Mom, you’re so funny,” Sara giggled as she waved to the guys and her baby girl.