Saturday, December 7, 2013

This Is Not a Dream (Denise + Amanda have awoken to a new day)

This Is Not a Dream
So here I am – Darren Irwin, single dad, buttoned-down  bookkeeper, nothing happening fellow, with soft brown hair extensions, a delicate white dress, and a blissful smile on my face.  For the time being – you can call me Denise.

And in my arms – my son Adam.  He’s usually wearing a Transformers T-shirt, but today, she –Amanda that is – too cute for words in her own matching dress. 

“Mommy,” Amanda whispers to me, “I always dreamt about being a pretty girl, and Aunt Shelley told me that she dressed you up years before I was born.  She even said that there was this guy named Gary who you went to school with who she wanted to take us out for ice cream.  Can we Mommy, pleeeeeze?”

“Baby, looks like we both had the same dream.  I can’t wait to see Gary again.”

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