Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Their Home Team Pride (3 gen of football stars become Southern Belles)

Their Home Team  Pride
In the Deep South, high school football rivalries can bring a team together, or pit families vs. families.  The Pruitts and the Samuels are two such families.  Patriarch Lewis played for West County Blue Raiders, as did his son Mike,  and grandson Colin was the WCHS quarterback last year. 
For 40 years, Roger J. Samuels was Lew Pruitt’s friendly rival, and a Samuels (son R.J. and grandson Tripper) always lined up on Homecoming Saturday against a Pruitt on the gridiron – often with a wacky bet at stake, designed to embarrass  the defeated family. 
This year, the Samuels thought they had the best prank; the losing Pruitts were to dress as a bridal party and pose for wedding photos.  Little did the Samuels know that their targets of scorned actually had a another cherished tradition: “Lana”, “Melody”, and “Candice” often got together to glam up.  

The beautiful bride, her glamorous mother, and elegant grandmother (dressed in WCHS blue, of course) smiled and posed fiercely as the Samuels’ boys gawked at the three shapely blondes.  The T-girl trio would relish going “1- 1” with their handsome dates – for these Blue Raider babes, victory was certain.

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