Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Talk: The Best Birthday Ever (Alyson + Doris unwrap some packages)

The Talk: The Best Birthday Ever
Anthony Morgan loved the sensation of the light breeze blowing up his skirt, and brushing the silken panties that covered his male organs.  He was aware that the bright pink heels pushed his normally flat buttocks into a curvy, girlish roundness.  And his hair extensions lay across his now prominent bosom.  His lifelong fantasy of being a beautiful, desirable young woman was coming true, thanks to a benefactor that he couldn’t believe shared his passion  - his own father, Dr. Douglas Morgan.

Tonight, they were both in drag , as Alyson and Doris, a brunette mother-daughter duo walking into Fireworks, the hottest nightclub in town.

“I’m glad we picked the flair skirt for you, Aly.  I know how excited and aroused you must be.  Trust me, even after several decades, the thought of being a man made up like a curvy whore is so erotic.  Now don’t worry, honey, my guy Stan has invited his own son, and they both know our secret.  By tomorrow morning, we will be waking up in their beds, having been treated like queens – pardon the pun.  I promise, your mouth will be dry, your bottom will be full of cum, and you will feel so wonderful.”
“Wow, this 18th birthday gift is the best EVER.  What a great mom you are! I can’t wait for our studs to tease and please us all night long, Mom!”

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