Friday, December 27, 2013

The Drama “Queens” (Danni + Gloria and a certain prop)

The Drama  “Queens”

JEREMY:  Ummm   Mr. Walsh, why are you dressed like a housewife, and why is David dressed like a hot girl as well – and what are you doing to…

GREGORY:  What I am doing, Jeremy, is showing you some method acting.  You know, in my role as the college’s drama coach, I am showing my son David how to fully immerse himself in the role of a sexy coed, so that you and Danielle will be comfortable as Lord and Lady MacBeth in the play.  We only have a few weeks to practice.

DAVID: Well, that’s not 100% true.  Dad and I have been dressing as slutty brunette mom Gloria and daughter Danni for years now.  And Jeremy, you know that I have had the gorgeous cock in my mouth and my ass ever since our first “dress rehearsal”   Now relax, stud, and just let my sexy new mother have her way with you. 

GLORIA:  Consider this a little private tutoring, young man.  Just get yourself into character – a strong bull of a male with two sultry vixens who want you.

DANNI:  Mom, you better save some of his cum for me after “intermission.”

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i hope becoming one of the girl