Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Bully Gets His! (and gets something from Maggie + Jessica as well :0)

The Bully Gets His!
Larry Stein had been bullying Michael Ferris for years!  Verbally, physically demeaning the thin blond boy.  “Why don’t go running back to your momma, little girl?” Larry taunted  Michael, referring to the  blonde MILF Jessica Ferris. 

But Larry didn’t know that Jessica used to be James Ferris – Michael’s father, who was
now a sexy shemale cougar!  Jessica took her son under her wing, and together, they plotted a delightful revenge scenario!  But first, Michael underwent a very special transformation.
A year later, the Ferrises brought Larry to the house for a little snack. After drugging his milk and cookies, Jessica pinned Larry down with her 38DD breasts, forcing him to lick her
nipples, while the newly christened Maggie took her rival’s cock in her soft mouth.  When Larry was good and horny, Jessica straddled his face with her  “clitoris.”
As her mom thrust her organ into his mouth, Maggie looked to make sure that the senior T-girl and her target were in perfect camera position, before pressing her own girl-cock into Larry’s “pussy.”  The cameras got everything, and the hidden mic also got Larry’s “feminine” moans.    

He got what he had coming!
To celebrate, mom and daughter found themselves two new studs to tag team!

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