Sunday, December 29, 2013

Prize Fulfillment (Sasha + Jane play to win!)

Prize Fulfillment
Jack Taylor entered every contest and promotion he could.  And when he and his son Steve went to claim their prize from Snapz Studio, they were shown the fine print: they had won a mother-daughter makeover and photo-shoot, along with the $10 grand prize.  Figuring they would walk away, the Snapz PR team was shocked – they accepted the prize!

“Looking pretty foxy over there, MOM!” giggled the now sweet and femmed SASHA.

 “Not bad yourself,” cooed the elegant and sexy JANE.   “I must say, I love how this feels – right down to the frilly lingerie!”   That got both of them giggling and blushing.

By the  way – LADIES,” the Snapz executive said while seething, “the contract requires you both to pose for advertising with the winners of our father-son contest, and they are dressed in three piece suits, while you both are in cocktail dresses.” 

“Yummy,” the new mother and  daughter sighed in perfect harmony.

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