Friday, December 13, 2013

Mom and Daughters get a Fresh Start (An adorable quintet of cuteness!)

Mom and Daughters get a Fresh Start
Jim (40): Thanks so much for helping your step-brothers become your pretty little step-sisters, Alyssa.  I couldn’t have done it all by myself, you know.

Adam (16):  Awww, Dad, you’re the one who taught me how to make myself over into a sweet little thing.  Before Mom passed away, you used to take the six year old version of me out, and treated me to cute dresses and shoes!  Then “Mary” took over your life, told you to be a man and made us purge every single feminine thing we owned.  I’m so glad you and your lawyers sent her packing.
Judi: I know, I know, but without her, we’d never have Ryan, Nicholas, or Christopher in our lives.  But she was so controlling, and then she had an affair with her conniving boss!  She won’t be out of prison until my new daughters are out of prison.  By then, Regina, Natalie, and Camille will be in high school.

Alyssa:  Mom, they already confided in that they were scared of Mary, and they love having you as their new mommy.  I told them that as their big sister, I want to be there for them as they grow into beautiful young women.  You know, one day it will be these hotties going out on dates with cute guys from high school.
Judi: Just like someone else I know who’s grown up to be quite the looker.  I really like Brandon, sweetie; he’s handsome and polite.

Alyssa:  And a great kisser! (giggle)  Now Mom – you need to get out of the house and find a nice man to take you out on the town.  It’s time for you the be the happy housewife!  Hey girls – don’t you want see our Mommy as a beautiful bride, and us four as her bridesmaids?

Regina (7):  Oh yes, Mommy!  That would be so, so AWESOME!!

Camille (5):  I want to be the flower girl, Mommy!  Or a mermaid!

Natalie (9):  Alyssa, Mom - can you show me how to walk in heels?

Judi:  Wow – looks like we’re all going to have the time of our lives! :)

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