Saturday, December 14, 2013

MADAME JAE’S: The Imperfect Birthday Gift (Caroline + Lucy are party girls)


The Imperfect Birthday Gift
As usual, Leo Wagner was befuddled as to why his father Carl had that usual sourpuss attitude.  He knew that Cliff liked to cross-dress and that’s why he thought a great 55th birthday gift would be two weeks en femme, courtesy of Madame Jae’s.  Leo/Lucy was having a blast – so what’s up with Cliff AKA Caroline?

Caroline: That was pretty rude of you and your gentleman friend to come barging into our hotel suite without even a knock.  I had no time to cover my newly acquired breasts!

Lucy: And I got a pretty great view of them, Mom! As you were on all fours, getting drilled from behind by that man you were dancing with last evening.  I’m sorry to have barged in with Gary , but I had no idea you and him had decided to come back to the suite for a little action!  Hey, next time, let me know next time!  This is all new for me!
Caroline: Darling, I’m as used to being a “natural” C-cup any more than you.  That Jae Juice they’ve been serving has really affected us.  I never knew you had an interest in my little drag deviant fantasy!  So… do you and… Gary… did you really?

Lucy: I think we did everything you and your man did last night Mom, just in his hotel room.  I’m sure everyone could hear my screaming!  I can’t believe how wonderful it was to have him make love to me.  I never expected this to be any more than just a dress-up show.  But I felt so much like a beautiful passionate, woman.  And now, to share this feeling with you, I feel so (sniff)…

Caroline: Oh that’s wonderful Lucy (sniff).  I think our experiences have brought us closer, now that we are acting like any mother and daughter.   Thank you for this wonderful birthday gift!


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