Sunday, December 1, 2013

MADAME JAE'S: The Girls Will Be There Soon! (Kayla + Ivy, just in time)


The Girls Will Be There Soon!
Kiefer Greene knows his dad Ivan has been busting his ass for years to pay the rent, pay the bills, and to be there for his son as a single father.  And Ivan, being the good role model he is, knows that Kiefer has been working so hard at school and dealing with the pressures of modern teenagers.  They have each others back in so many ways, that it shouldn’t be a surprise that they look out for each other.  But how they do that – well, that may be unique.

Keep your head up, keeping moving forward and Kayla will be there for you, Ivan sent in a cryptic text to Kiefer.  She will be looking so fierce, and ready to live life on her terms!  Fashion, boys, and fun days with her momma.  Look out!

Kiefer responded with his own secret message: Whenever Kayla is back in town, you know her hot momma Miss Ivy will be right there with her!  Every man in town would kill for a smile from her, and to watch her walk towards them.
You keep doing what you’re doing Dad, and we’ll get there together  - back to MJ’s and our “girls” will be there!  ILY!

Last summer, both Ivy and Kayla made their Madame Jae debuts, and they loved every second of it – but “real life” came soon enough, and they’ve been saving every penny.  But this year, mother and daughter hope to find just the right J-Club guy – handsome and independently wealthy!

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Dee Mentia said...

Just the right amount of sexy!

Hope their frugality will pay off!