Saturday, December 28, 2013

Just A Taste… (the sweet nectar of being girls, right Nellie + Claire?)

Just A Taste…
“Daddy! We both got long hair, like Mommy had,” chirped Nicholas Clay to his single dad, Charlie.  “Did this yummy lemonade turn us into girls like you said it would?”   

“Take a look at these, baby,” grinned Charlie as he showed his only child that his father now had some nice boobies on his chest.  “And you already looked so adorable as a girl, Nellie, but now you are the prettiest little girl I’ve ever seen.  Got a
boyfriend yet, babe?”   

That made both new mother and daughter giggle.   

Then Nellie gasped, “Mommy!  Your tatooo used to say JENNIFER but now it says JEREMY!”   

Suddenly, Claire’s mind shifted along with reality.  Jeremy is – was – Jen’s twin brother.  Six years ago, Charlie and Jennifer were married and had a baby boy.  But if Charlie had been Claire from the beginning, then it
would been Jeremy who…  then it hit her!  

 “Nellie, Uncle Jeremy is your daddy now, and I’m his wife. I know that
your Aunt Jenny is looking down on the three of us, smiling,” Claire sighed as she and her pretty daughter finished their sweet drink! 

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