Saturday, December 21, 2013

HEAD START part 2 (with the requisite "happy endings")

Head Start
Starring Glenda (Dad) and Nora (Son)
 On behalf of every girl here, we want to see you two show us far you have come in your quest,” cooed the blonde MILF to her new friends, Glenda and Nora.   

Manny grinned as the redheads kneeled down knew to each of his powerful legs – face to face with the black mamba.  

Glenda winked and said “Go for it, baby girl.  Show me what you learned from playing with our toys.”   
Shyly at first, the college aged tranny licked the shaft and the head of Manny’s cock.  Taking her painted hand, Nora gently gripped his cock as she started to deep throat Manny.   Glenda (and the rest of the party guests) gave encouragement; simultaneously, the T-MILF began to massage Manny’s balls as she licked her lips.   

That was her daughter’s cue to share.  “Mom, it’s your turn now.  He tastes SOOO good,” she winked.

Nora swung the cock over to her father turned mother; Glenda’s lips were in the classic “O” position to accept the chocolate colored organ into her face.  Her tongue rolled on his cockhead as if she had been sucking cock since she was Nora’s age – but everyone in attendance knew that she and her son/daughter were breaking through the glass ceiling.  

 “Shit – you sissies are great,” chortled the stripper.   

“We’re girls, stud,” said Nora seductively as her Mom swallowed his 8”.  “Mommy and I, we’re real sluts now.”  The ginger shemales were now fully locked into their identities.

“Hey, Manny,” shouted Ryan, the buff white boy wearing glasses and a 10” hard-on, “I think these new girls need some more practice sucking cock. “   
“Cool, bro.  Try this cougar out, and I’ll give the little lady here a second go-round,” laughed his buddy.  

 “Hi stud,” Glenda said seductively.  “I’ll make you hard – if you promise to unload your cum all over my face.”   

“Fuck yeah!  Score bro!”  whooped Ryan as he and Manny fist-bumped.   

Nora & Glenda fed off the cheers of the bachelorette party and gave magnificent attention to their hunks’ love muscle, and on cue, the boys drenched the gingers in a messy blitz, and on que, the shemales shot their loads.  An hour later,  mother and daughter chose Manny & Ryan to take their femme ass- virginities, back  in the master bedroom!

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