Friday, December 20, 2013

Head Start part 1 (Nora + Glenda are studying... hard *giggle*)

Head Start
Starring Glenda (Dad)  and Nora(Son)

Gordon Brown never would have believed that his own son, Neil, would love to dress in drag as much as he did.  The day that Glenda and Nora met, there was an immediate mother-daughter bond.  It empowered them both.

Which is why they found themselves here, at a rowdy bachelorette party.  A long time friend thought they would enjoy a hen party in femme roles.  After all, they looked so incredible with their bright red hair & sexy legs.  But there would be a catch:  the bridesmaids had arranged for strippers.
Male strippers, who were going to letting all of the girls – the Browns included – have their way with their enormous, bulbous man-roots.  Glenda and Nora were tucking their tiny penises under their silky panties.  But now they were going to be up close to all of those dicks.  They were somewhat nervous.

To make things worse,  Nora was feeling a bit tipsy from the wine and the shots that the other girls were cheering her and Glenda on to down – and she had made a mess of her cute frock.  It was drying on a line outside – leaving Nora in her Maidenform bra and panties.  Her dainty little dick was slightly more in danger of exposure than Glenda’s – that is until “Mom” spread her legs in a very unladylike manner.  Her flesh colored panties were looking a little damp.  All of this SEX was getting to her, and most of the guests knew there was not a real vagina underneath those panties.   

But no worries, as most of the girls here knew about the Browns’ disguises.  Turns out, so did the strippers.  As Manny fed his massive cock to the topless maid of honor, the tipsy ginger T-girls whooped & cheered like the other horny bitches at the party.  Then the stacked blonde to their right (the blonde slut’s mom) requested that Manny bring that thick COCK over to their couch…

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