Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Babes In Joyland (Dina's family have holiday bliss) MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Babes In Joyland
Darren Crawford  had to bribe his sons Chad and Scott to dress as girls to go along with his own drag disguise – they were posing as Dina, Caitlyn and Shay, the manufactured wife and daughters of Darren’s neighbor, Jeffrey Reed.

The Reed “girls” were being introduced to Jeff’s senile old grandma, who wanted to see the lifelong bachelor with family so that he wouldn’t be excluded from the will.  Jeff promised Darren that he would give help him pay off the mortgage, and then agreed to buy  both boys the new video game system.

“Jeff, honey, the girls and I have a gift for you.  We love the way we look and feel.  Caitlyn and Shay have never been closer than as sisters, and Caitlyn actually has been asked out by a young man…”

“Mom!  It’s just to see a movie…”

“Sis, I can’t wait until I’m your age and Mom and Daddy let me date!”

“It won't be that long, baby.  Jeff, our gift is that you don’t need to pay us.  You just need to love us and make us your family.  And I love being a mom of two girls.  Say, wanna go for a third, handsome? ;)


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