Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Little Advice (Maria sharing the wisdom withy Angela)

A Little Advice

Maxwell Tran was quite experienced in playing the role of the T-girl temptress.  As such, Maxwell – as the lovely Maria – had some words of advice for her son, Allen.

Mom, I can’t wait to give myself to my man.

I know, Angela, trust me I know so well.  You are the epitome of complete femininity.  Isn’t it wonderful, the feelings of being a sexy woman?  No matter our genitalia, we have the desires and passions of genetic females.  You will love having a huge cock deep inside of you, pulsing, thrusting in and out.  The orgasms that await you are so much greater than you’ve ever experienced.  And look over there, at our lovers.  See them looking at us, smiling.  Look at the bulges in their pants honey.  They belong to us.

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